Hazara Film Fund (HFF)

Hazara Film Fund (HFF)

Hazaras Love Cinema

 Hazaras as the most persecuted population on earth has a long history of sufferance that has to be evidenced, visualized, archived and related to the world in its best way. A nation that has lost more than 62 percent of its population in only one of the numerous genocides it faced deserves to be remembered.

Therefore, along with literature, the art of cinema is one of the most important means to tell the story of Hazaras and document their genocides and other sufferings they’ve been through.

The post genocide slavery, ethnic cleansings, racial discrimination and forced displacement are the crimes committed against the Hazars and need to be documented, remembered and told to the world for the contemporary and future generations.

Hazara Film Fund (HFF) is a media support fund established by the Hazara International Network in 2017 for the purpose of developing, (and if possible) producing, supporting the production of and promoting and facilitating the screenings of particular short, feature fiction and documentary films that:

  1. A)Are written, directed or produced by Hazara filmmakers that particularly focus on one of Hazaras’ issues.
  2. B)Have Hazaristan (the provinces of central Afghanistan inhabited by the Hazara natives) as the main locations
  3. C)Are about the Hazaras’ history, Hazaras’ Culture, Hazaras’ socio-political condition within Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Oceania, The Americas and Europe.
  4. D)Are documenting Hazaras’ historical massacres and help Hazaras obtain justice
  5. E)Are documenting Hazara Diaspora activities in abroad
  6. F)Are documenting and promoting Hazaristan’s touristic spots
  7. G)Are introducing to the world Hazara personalities including artists, writers, winner athletes and sportsmen, social activists, scientists and politicians

The Aims of the HFF Fund

The aim of this fund is to support the Independent Hazara and Non Hazara filmmakers who promote the importance of peace, justice, equality, human rights and democracy. Especially the filmmakers, who believe the Hazaras as the most persecuted population on earth, should have their image spread in the world and want to evidence this fact.


The activities of HFF (Hazara Film Fund) are being managed by panels of media and cinema professionals that work in four different teams in a chain of sequences based on their activities:

1)      POOL of  IDEAS and SCRIPTS that announces call for entries on annual bases, seasonal basis, semester basis and or whenever there are important current issues regarding Hazaras

2)      BOARD of REVIEW and SELECTION that reviews and selects from the received scripts and allocate fund for it

3)      BOARD of TECHNICAL/ARTISTIC SUPPORT assists in phases of pre-production and (if needed) during the production and post production

4)      TEAM of MARKETING and PROMOTION of the produced product, to promote it

Sources of Hazara Film Fund:

The Fund given to the filmmakers by HFF is collected through fundraising donations by Hazara Diaspora all over the world, Hazara people’s friends, international organizations that promote peace and justice and any individuals that believe Hazaras as the most persecuted people on earth deserve to be documented and related.

HFF Funds Category:

Fund(s) for a feature fiction film (90-120 minutes)

Fund(s) for a feature documentary film (90-120 minutes)

Fund(s) for a medium-length documentary film (up to 52 minutes)

Fund(s) for a short fiction films (up to 15 minutes)

Fund(s) video clip

Fund(s) for the best screenplay

Call for Entry Period: (Will be available soon)

Fund Allocation Period: (Will be available soon)

Terms and Conditions for Fund Allocations:

The applicants must have a resume with previous work samples or a show reel link in order to be considered a candidate.

The (audio-video) quality of the final product must be high enough to be acceptable for international festivals.

If needed, technical assistance and mentor ship are given by the HFF team during development, production and post production.

In order to have a better result of the work, the HFF team deserves the right to conduct production audits and quality control of the product.

The applicants/winners must meet the deadlines of submitting the otherwise the other installments would not be released


In order to have a fine result of the final product, HFF Funds are allocated in three installments; 20 % in pre-production, 30 % during the production and 50% after the completion of the work.

Application Forms of HFF Fund Request: (Will be available soon)

Fund Release Forms: (Will be available soon)

Membership Criteria:  (Will be available soon)

Donate HFF: (Criteria will be available soon)

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